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"A unique photography journeys to perceive the beauty of human relationships and let the quality of the lights define the unforgettable stories." ~ Willy Wangsa

Featuring Littleman in C Major

Fashion Forward Wedding Photography

Last summer, I was surfing the web and found a very beautiful documentary video called The Light that Shines. The video is about Jill, a breast cancer patient, who would like to tell her story to inspire others and educate the world. In the end of the video, it shows a stunning slideshow pictures taken by Sue Bryce

I was so excited when Sue announced she would be one of the instructors on Junebug Weddings Fashion Forward Wedding Photography Workshop along with Roberto Valenzuela and Callaway Gable (Brian and Allison). I boarded the flight to LA in November and arrived at Vibiana , a luxury wedding venue located in the heart of downtown. I was the first one to arrive and greeted by Christy and Blair from Junebug with warm welcome. I would like to Thank them for gathering the incredible instructors, models and vendors so we could all work together. Enjoy!

Photography Instructors: Sue Bryce, Roberto Valenzuela, Callaway Gable
Teaching Assistant: Nikki Closser
Venue: Vibiana
Decor Design: Revelry Event Designers
Tabletop Floral Design: Eddie Zaratsian Custom Florals & Lifestyle
Tableware: Casa de Perrin
Invitations & Paper Goods: East Six
Candy Table: Two’s A Party
Hair & Makeup: Tammy Yi
Wedding Dresses & Veils: RMine Bespoke
Floral Hair Crowns & Accessories: Celadon & Celery Events
Jewelry & Accessories: Enchanted Atelier
Models: Dylan Marie Quigg, Monique Victoria, Jamie Litt
Videography: Long Haul Films
Sponsors: Rayce PR, Fotofafa, ProDPI, Scott Robert Lim, WPPI, Peachpit Publishing, Rangefinder


Anniversary | Andy and Olivia

It seems it was just yesterday Andy and Olivia exchanged their wedding vows as husband and wife. Once again, They are celebrating their 7 years marriage milestone and they have proofed 7 years itch is just a myth. Can you tell how gorgeous they are? Congrats Andy and Olivia!

Redefining my photography

 How about some teasers of what’s coming on 2013 and going forward?

Your personality defines your photography styles ~ Jerry Ghionis

Last week, I had 5 days outstanding wedding photography, business & life coaching educations with Jerry Ghionis and Melissa Ghionis as part of my continuing education. Jerry is one of top 5 wedding photographers in the world which well known for his glamorous/fashion styles. Each time I see his work, I couldn’t understand what strikes me about them. After a long thought, I decided to invest in his 5 days workshop in New York on November 2012. I booked it 10 months ahead and it got filled up in no time. Unfortunately, the wait became longer as Hurricane Sandy blew the workshop further to February 2013 in Los Angeles. 

The first day started in the afternoon with a warm greeting from Jerry and Melissa. As soon the workshop started, Jerry created a safe/trust environment for students to talk, share and get to know each other then we went through criticizing images until late night. On second day, he overloaded us with tons of informations and pushed us out of comfort zones. All students were having difficulty utilizing 10 minutes of times with the models and to be honest, everyone screwed up as most of us felt our skills were being stripped off. After we had dinner together, we had photo walk with Jerry where he showed night shoot techniques. Another long day, late night. 

We went through the images that we shot the day before in the morning. In the afternoon, we had another 10 minutes with the models and how each of us were able to execute better and finished much earlier.  It’s astonishing how Jerry built our confidence in such short time.

The next day, I had one on one meeting before the class started where Jerry provided feedbacks to all the questions that I have. We went through previous day images in the morning and he criticized what we did. I couldn’t believe how much everyone improved in just 2 days. In the afternoon, Jerry explained in depth about wedding album. He showed us his first wedding album design. As Thursday was the last night, we went for dinner together.

The last day was what really strikes me when Jerry and Melissa talked about marketing and life coaching. They knows their marketing techniques will make everyone more successful but he reminded us about what we really wanted to do with our life, not to overwork ourself with the skills that we learned. They were too many eye opening moments, honest and deep conversations. I really admires Jerry and Melissa. They are dynamic duo. 

The last hours ended with all of us sat together in circle and shared what we learned. It’s very emotional and how a strong friendship developed within 5 days. I do not know how to measure this workshop. It’s priceless! 

I apologize could not show the results from the workshop but you’ll definitely see them from my works going forward :)

Below is group pictures of the LA’s Honey Badgers of February 2013.


They are really fun couples and effective educators. I feel so lucky to be able to meet them :)


Erwin and Jenny

I’ve been knowing Erwin and Jenny for quite sometime. Although they come from the same city and it took them 20K of miles to finally cross each other path. After several years, on one sunny day, i got a surprised call that the paths has united and they’re celebrating their commitment to each other. Love does its wonders and it continues to amused me. Small world…Indeed! Congrats Erwin & Jenny!